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Marshall Wetzel Post Overdose Response Team (PORT)

Marshall Wetzel Post Overdose Response Team (PORT) is a collaborative team that connects with individuals who have survived an overdose within 24-72 hours after the overdose. The PORT will also take clients that need assistance with any substance use issues. They can help individuals find treatment, recovery and/or harm reduction services, as well as connecting with any needed services.


Marshall Wetzel PORT Office
140 N. Bridge St.
New Martinsville, WV

Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. 


Signs of an Overdose:

  • Struggling to breath, snoring in an unusual manner, gurgling
  • Unresponsive to attempts to waken
  • Hands face and/or lips turn purple or blue
  • Unresponsive to pain
  • Complaints about being too hot
  • Vomiting
  • Acting unreasonable or confused
  • Pinned pupils

What to Do:

  • Do Call 911 immediately
  • Do use Narcan if available
  • Do try to awaken the person by rubbing your knuckles hard against the chest bone (sternum rub)
  • Do perform CPR
  • Do position the person on their side if vomiting (rescue position)
  • Do keep the person warm
  • Do stay with the person until help arrives
  • Do share information about what drugs were used
  • Do leave everything in place in the room

What NOT to Do:

  • Don’t allow the person to “sleep it off"
  • Don’t put the person in a bath, shower, or ice
  • Don’t give the person any substance except Narcan
  • Don’t leave the person alone or unattended
  • Don’t treat the person with home remedies - they do not work and postpone life-saving medical treatment

Where to Get Narcan:

Northern Panhandle Health Departments

  • Hancock County Health Department
  • Brooke County Health Department
  • Marshall County Health Department
  • Ohio County Health Department
  • Wetzel County Health Department